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October 15, 2020
P&G owns some of the world’s most recognizable brands, and is using them to advance the company’s environmental sustainability goals. Read how Tide Detergent fits into the company strategy.

Bill Carroll fields a question about a person who is unsettled by reporting to a younger manager. Bill drills down to determine why this is problematic, and explains how to work through it. 

In addition to our elderly, COVID-19 is also taking particular aim at small businesses around the world. One small business is PID Analyzers, LLC. Jennifer Maclachlan, a co-owner, shares the many ways in which the family business has adjusted to new work realities. She also explains how to get more girls interested in science, and describes her most instrumental personality trait.  

While on the subject of small businesses, H. N. Cheng, Diane Grob Schmidt and Jim Skinner share important news about two upcoming webinars directed at chemistry-related entrepreneurs. If you are connected to a small business or a start-up, you’ll want to read this story.

John C. Katz
Executive Editor
Patrick Masscheleyn
Senior Vice President
Research & Development, Global Product Stewardship: Safety-Sustainability-Regulatory-Technical Relations
Procter & Gamble
Primarily through focusing on its market-leading Tide detergent, P&G illustrates how the company’s environmental sustainability goals transcend manufacturing and production, and extend throughout the product’s lifecycle.
Some struggle with reporting to a much younger manager -- perhaps one with demonstrably less direct knowledge and experience. Bill Carroll drills down to identify the real issue in such situations, and how to manage it.
Bill Carroll
Carroll Applied Science, L.L.C.
Jennifer Maclachlan
PID Analyzers, LLC
Jennifer Maclachlan shares how the pandemic has impacted her family’s small business, a strategy for getting girls interested in science, and how the Cape Cod Science Café encourages chemists and others to discuss scientific topics in a relaxed atmosphere.
H. N. Cheng
ACS President-Elect
Diane Grob Schmidt
2020 BMGT Chair
Retired, Former R&D Executive,
The Procter & Gamble Company
Jim Skinner
President and CEO
Terregena Inc.
H. N. Cheng, Diane Grob Schmidt and Jim Skinner share news about two upcoming webinars directed at chemistry-related entrepreneurs: “Starting a Company: Do You Need a Business Plan?” And, “Starting a Company: Where Do You Get Funding?”
Today From ACS Webinars: Chemical Innovation and Career Opportunities
Tune in to ACS Webinars TODAY, October 15 to join a panel of industry experts as they discuss a high-level overview of the breath of innovative research taking place in the chemical industry and the current employment outlook, including what types of positions various companies have to offer and what skills companies are looking for in future hires.  Plan to attend a webinar for business owners and entrepreneurs on Wednesday, October 28 with Jim Skinner of Terregena, Inc. and the ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses to review the elements of a comprehensive business plan, including the importance of financials and milestones.  Did you miss a webinar or want to view one again? ACS members have exclusive access to our expansive library of recordings. Visit the webinar archives to catch up on the latest recordings.
A Conversation with Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett: From Project SEED to leading COVID-19 researcher
Make plans now to attend an October 22 ACS Webinar featuring Project SEED alum Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, a senior research fellow at the National Institutes of Health who is a leader in the global race to develop a vaccine to combat COVID-19. She will speak to ACS’ Racquel Jemison about how Project SEED sparked her interest in a science career and offer advice to students wanting to follow that path. Corbett will also describe her current work leading NIH’s Coronavirus Team and share her insights on the development of a COVID-19 vaccine. Register now for the webinar, which is coproduced by the ACS Office of Philanthropy.   
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