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January 9, 2020
Today’s issue brings essential tips from Bill Carroll on how to make more effective presentations, particularly to management. Dawn Mason shares four key questions to assess professional advancement opportunities, advice to stay safe in the workplace, and suggestions for mid-career chemists to keep their careers moving forward.

Learn how a university’s recommendation to its chemists led to a new path for Jamie Schwarzbach, in our Early Career Chemist profile. And two entrepreneurs leading Radical Plastics – Yelena Kann and Kristin Taylor – explain what they are doing to mitigate the plastics pollution problem.

Finally, a reminder: If your team recently introduced a commercially successful product, consider nominating for the Heroes of Chemistry award. Nominations close on February 1.   
John C. Katz
Executive Editor
"What is the best professional advice you have ever received? Best professional advice you have ever given?"
Dawn Mason
External Innovation Manager,
Eastman Chemical Company
"Don’t dilute. Bob Clemens once gave me that advice to impress upon me the need to pick a limited number of topics, trends, or goals, to allocate my attention to at one time. I took it to heart..." Read More
"I’m ready to climb the corporate ladder, but struggle with presenting data as well as some of my colleagues. What’s the key to being a better presenter?"
"Climbing the corporate ladder and learning to present data better might be two different things; however, regardless of your career goals..." Read More
Bill Carroll
Carroll Applied Science, L.L.C.
"To be a commercial success, a new antibiotic would need to make at least $300 million a year at peak,' said Patrick Heron, general partner at venture-capital firm Frazier Healthcare Partners, which has invested in several antibiotic companies. That is modest compared with the $1 billion-plus in annual revenue expected of a successful drug in other parts of the industry, but far more than new antibiotics typically make currently."

Wall Street Journal, January 5, 2020
"You both have extensive experience working in the plastic industry with bioplastics and more--what makes the technology of Radical Plastics different than those of your former employers? What was lacking that you brought to the market?"
Yelena Kann
Cofounder and CTO,
Radical Plastics
YK: "We had a very exciting technology at Metabolix. It still sounds like science fiction to me: genetically engineered microorganisms, being fed by any source of sugar or oil..." Read More
Meet the brand manager marketing an early-stage cancer surveillance test
"'Sometimes we forget that chemists are actually very creative,' says Jamie Schwarzbach, who is using the creativity she honed in the organic chemistry lab to..." Read More
Jamie Schwarzbach
Brand Manager, Oncology
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Heroes of Chemistry Nominations Now Open!
Nominations for the ACS #HeroesofChemistry Awards are now open! The Award is one of the highest honors the ACS gives to industrial chemists, recognizing teams whose work and research led to successfully commercialized products. Nominate today