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January 23, 2020
Today’s issue includes a new feature, an infographic. This particular infographic tells you what traits industry CTOs most highly value in their scientists. Be sure to check it out.

Ken Fivizzani reminds us about the importance of communicating chemical hazards through applying properly prepared labels on containers. Ken shares a number of practical solutions to help in this practice. Dan Daly, Entrepreneur and Consultant (and former Director, the Alabama Innovation and Mentoring of Entrepreneur Center), talks about how risk-aversion can be managed in a way to permit a more objective assessment of your entrepreneurial mindset and ideas. It’s a must-read for chemistry-connected entrepreneurs, both present and future. Jahari Soward answers the question: How can I distinguish between needing a new job vs changing careers?  And finally, our LinkedIn Learning summary focuses on delivering employee feedback.

John C. Katz
Executive Editor
Infographic: We asked 14 CTOs...

We asked 14 CTOs...
"What non-technical skills do you most highly value among your scientists?" See the infographic
Preparing Labels
Ken Fivizzani, Safety Expert
Ken Fivizzani
Safety Expert
"One of the most effective ways to communicate chemical hazards is the proper preparation of labels for the containers. In general, all samples of laboratory or manufacturing chemicals or solutions of such samples must be labeled with..." Read More
Dan Daly, Daly Business Consultants, emphasizes the importance of excitement and risk-taking in chemical entrepreneurship
Transitioning from chemist to entrepreneur is no small feat. Take it from Dan Daly, Daly Business Consultants. His advice to chemical entrepreneurs starting out? Don’t...Read More
Dan Daly, Daly Business Consultants
Dan Daly
Daly Business Consultants
"How can I distinguish between needing a new job versus changing careers?"
Jahari Soward, ACS Career Consultant and Managing Director of NPursuit Career Partners
Jahari Soward
ACS Career Consultant
and Managing Director of NPursuit Career Partners
"When contemplating career-altering questions like this, you need to ask yourself two questions:

1) What are you trying to accomplish? 2) Why, at this moment in your life? Responding honestly to these two questions will help you..." Read More
What you most need to know from an industry-connected LinkedIn Learning Course. Today's course: Delivering Employee Feedback
As a manager, you should be helping your employees improve their skills. The best way for you to do... Read More
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- Kevin Edgar, Associate Dean, Virginia Tech, talks about academia, industry and more
- Charlotte Allerton, Head of Medicine, Pfizer, talks about drug development and more
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