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February 6, 2020
If you work in the pharma industry, or if you have any interest in how it works and where it’s going, do yourself a favor and read what Pfizer’s Charlotte Allerton has to say in this issue’s Boss Talk. I guarantee you will find it worth your time.

Elsewhere, Joe Martino helps you assess a company’s work culture in advance to determine its fit with what you value. Next, did you fail at work? Learn how to benefit from it in today’s LinkedIn Learning summary. Finally, Henry Uyeme of intrida explains the importance of “intelligent data” and how it has contributed to his entrepreneurial success.

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John C. Katz
Executive Editor
"For those of us not in the business of discovering and inventing medicines to transform patients’ lives, can you give us a better sense of just how difficult this can be?"
Charlotte Allerton, Head of Medicine Design, Pfizer
Charlotte Allerton
Head of Medicine Design
"The human body has around 20,000 protein coding genes. Layer on top of that epigenetic modulation, post translation modification and other regulatory pathways and the complexity of our human ecosystem is..." Read More
"How can I be sure about a company and the work culture before accepting an offer?"
"Networking is the best way to find out what the 'word on the street' is regarding company culture. People who are well-established in your network and with whom you have developed a rapport through the years are..." Read More
Joe Martino, ACS Career Consultant
Joe Martino
ACS Career Consultant
"How did intrida get started?"
Henry Uyeme, Founder, intrida
Henry Uyeme
"I sat through technical meetings and retrosprectives of complex projects around the world and saw first-hand
how many technical challenges could have been easily solved or avoided if teams..." Read More
What you most need to know from an industry-connected LinkedIn Learning Course. Today's course: Learning From Failure
Many of us are raised to believe that if we fail, we have done something wrong. Failure, in a competitive society such as ours, is often viewed as... Read More
Join the Chemical Angel Network (CAN) to Expand the Chemistry Industry
Angel investing is a critical source of funding for a startup company, and CAN is the only nationwide angel-investing network for early stage chemical businesses. CAN offers chemists and chemical engineers financial capital and provides knowledge for chemical startups. Chemical startups can apply to the Network for free and membership is free for investors. For more information, visit or contact Sid White at
A Call For Chemical Startups!
The American Chemical Society (ACS) is co-organizing the 2020 Chemical Ventures Conference along with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), the National Council of Entrepreneurial Tech Transfer (NCET2), and the Delaware Innovation Space. This year we are showcasing 24 startups in the chemical space and we would like to encourage you to invite your startups to apply. We are expecting institutional investors and Fortune 500 corporations to attend this event. Early submission for chemical startups is February 28, 2020.  Learn More