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February 13, 2020
Are you hiring contractors to work in your labs? In today’s “On the Safe Side”, Ken Fivizzani has a checklist of questions to ensure that contractors are prepared to work safely on your company premises.

After a long, distinguished career in pharma (which he has extended in his current consultant role), Bill Greenlee shares insights on a number of issues that everyone – not just those working in pharma – will find compelling: What were the impacts on the pharma industry from the mega-mergers in 2009? Is pharma likely to discover major new drugs to treat heart disease? Why is discovering new drugs so difficult?

Write to express, not to impress. How? Check out the LinkedIn Learning summary. Thinking about transitioning to a new career? Our Career Corner helps you sort that out.

Finally, meet Jim Goetz, an early career chemist at Eastman Chemical, who explains how his day job helps him brew better beer.
John C. Katz
Executive Editor
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"How does a recent chemistry undergraduate – aiming for a career in the pharma industry – decide about investing the time and money to pursue a Ph.D.? What should they think about as they make this important decision?"
William Greenlee, Medicinal Chemistry Consultant
William Greenlee
Medicinal Chemistry Consultant
"My own experience was not typical, because my father and grandfather were both Ph.D. chemists and I grew up expecting (and expected) to follow in their footsteps.  There are many opportunities in the pharma and biotech industry for chemists today, both at the BS/MS and Ph.D. levels, and the job market is actually..." Read More
"How can I transition to a new field?"
Kara KasaKaitas, Director, Recruitment and University Relations, Aegis Sciences Corporation:
"As someone who started out in an Analytical Chemist position and transitioned into HR/Recruiting, I can speak to..."
Marciano Bagnoli, Quality Manager, Georgia-Pacific, LLC:
"Transitioning to a new field requires observation and inquiry at its heart. You need to..."
Moji Bonakdar, Senior Director, Chemical Medicines, USP:
"There are a few steps you can take to transition to a new field. Start by..."
Adam Myers, Associate Director, Chromatography & Drug Performance at SSCI:
"The first step is to find a good expert or mentor in the field and..."
Contractor Safety and Monitoring
"Contractors are employees of an outside company who are hired to do a specific project or task. How much safety training have they received? Will there be a supervisor on site all the time?..." Read More
Ken Fivizanni, Safety Expert
Ken Fivizzani
Safety Expert
Meet the polymer chemist breathing new life into old plastics
Jim Goetz, Polymer applications research scientist, Eastman Chemical Company
Jim Goetz
Polymer applications research scientist
Eastman Chemical Company
In November 2019, Eastman Chemical Company announced that it was going to start recycling old polyester carpets from homes and businesses.The firm will use the reclaimed polymer building blocks to make products such as textiles, cosmetics, personal care ... Read More
What you most need to know from an industry-connected LinkedIn Learning Course. Today's course: Write to Express, Not to Impress
Often when writing for an audience, we try to use complex words to sound smarter. This train of thought is misleading... Read More
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