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March 5, 2020
Did you know that according to Forbes, Cargill is the largest privately-owned company in the United States, at least in terms of revenue? Cargill’s CTO and VP for Innovation and R&D, Florian Schattenmann has a key role to play in keeping that revenue rolling in. Read his piece to learn about challenges in producing plant-based burgers, why communication and collaboration are paramount for Florian, and what he views as Cargill’s most consequential sustainability issue.

Elsewhere, ACS Career Consultant Donald Truss gives some great advice if you find yourself in a different job than the one you thought you had applied for.

David Mackanic, Founder, Anthro Energy, has learned a lot about renewable energy storage at this very early stage of his career. Read about his five characteristics for the ideal battery, and why tradeoffs are inevitable.

Anxiety in the workplace. Chances are you have some, or know someone who does. In today’s LinkedIn Learning summary, read about ways to manage it.
John C. Katz
Executive Editor
"You came to Cargill after an eight year stint with Dow. I’ve noticed that a disproportionally high number of our Boss Talk participants worked at Dow at some point in their careers. Any thoughts on why Dow’s family tree is so prolific in that regard? Something in the water in Midland, MI?"
Florian Schattenmann, CTO & VP, Innovation and R&D, Cargill
Florian Schattenmann
CTO and VP, Innovation and R&D,
"Not sure about the water, but some companies at certain times develop a unique culture that attracts and builds talent. I’ve had the fortune to..." Read More
"My new job isn't what I thought it would be. What's the best advice to navigate my first few weeks?"
"Some employees have the attitude of putting their palms to the sky and saying..." Read More
Donald Truss, ACS Career Consultant
Donald Truss
ACS Career Consultant
Meet the entrepreneur working to make safe, flexible and high-performance batteries for wearable technologies
David Mackanic, Founder, Anthro Energy
David Mackanic
Anthro Energy
For David Mackanic, energy is everything. It motivates him and drives him in everything from entrepreneurship to running ultra-marathons... Read More
What you most need to know from an industry-connected LinkedIn Learning Course. Today's course: Managing Anxiety in the Workplace
Most people face stress in the workplace when it comes to giving presentations, upcoming deadlines and more. Too much distress, bad stress, can become counterproductive and... Read More
- USDA Research Scientist Mike Appell explains food safety in the US
- Josh Kaitz of DuPont provides insight into the fast-paced world of lithography R&D
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