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March 19, 2020
Today’s Boss Talk features Carbon’s President and CEO Ellen J. Kullman. Ellen talks about how her time as DuPont’s CEO will help advance Carbon’s business, how to deal with engineering being ‘virtually absent’ from most K-12 curriculum, and why companies need to be honest about whether gender disparities exist in their organizations.

Bill Carroll provides some highly pragmatic advice on how to survive an ‘inexperienced manager’ – a situation that can propel or inhibit your career, depending on how things go.

Bill Provine, President and CEO of the Delaware Innovation Space, shares his thoughts on advancing his mission to incubate and accelerate science based startups. Bill is one of the nation’s foremost experts in this area, so if you are thinking about starting a business, or engaging in some way with one, take a moment to read what he has to say.

You may have come across the term ‘imposter syndrome’ – the psychological phenomenon in which a person believes they are a fraud – they only accomplish anything because of luck or connections, not because they are smart or talented. Our LinkedIn Learning digs deeper into this issue.

In closing, we’re all dealing with challenging times. Be smart and be safe – for your sake, your family’s, and the broader community in which you live and work.

John C. Katz
Executive Editor
"What did you learn - generally - during your tenure as DuPont’s CEO that you expect will most benefit you in your current role as Carbon’s CEO?"
Ellen J. Kullman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Carbon
Ellen J. Kullman
President and Chief Executive Officer
"My experience at DuPont starting and leading new high-growth businesses, now..." Read More
"How do I maintain morale and motivation while working for an inexperienced boss?"
Before I go deeply into detail, my basic answer is... Read More
Bill Carroll, Carroll Applied Science, L.L.C.
Bill Carroll
Carroll Applied Science, L.L.C.
"As President and CEO of the Delaware Innovation Space, what does a typical day look like in your role?"
Bill Provine, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer, Delaware Innovation Space
Bill Provine
Founder, President and
Chief Executive Officer,
Delaware Innovation Space
"There really is no typical day. The mission of the Delaware Innovation Space is to..." Read More
What you most need to know from an industry-connected LinkedIn Learning Course. Today's course: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
In 2011, research summarized in the International Journal of Behavioral Science showed that... Read More
A special Women's History Month edition of ACS Industry Matters: the most popular articles featuring female chemists from past newsletters
Genentech Foundation grants $3 million to ACS Bridge Project
ACS has received a $3.015 million grant from the Genentech Foundation to support the ACS Bridge Project through 2023. The project aims to boost the fraction of students from underrepresented minority groups earning chemistry-related Ph.D.s to match the fraction of those in these groups who currently receive bachelor’s degrees in the field. The grant will support new ACS Bridge Fellows (students from underrepresented groups pursuing advanced chemical sciences degrees) and ACS Bridge Sites (university departments committed to diversity).
Carla Borgano
Board Chair,
Genentech Foundation
It will also fund career workshops, an online networking platform and a researcher who will help ACS evaluate the project.
“ACS is grateful to the Genentech Foundation for its generous gift that will help us advance both the chemical sciences and the chemists of the future,” said LaTrease Garrison, executive vice president, ACS Education Division. “Diversity, inclusion and respect are core values of ACS, and this program is another important addition to our overall efforts to create opportunities for students from all backgrounds,” she added.  
“The ACS Bridge Project helps unlock the potential of rising scientists who are the future of biomedical research,” said Carla Boragno, Genentech Foundation board chair and senior vice president and global head of engineering and facilities, Genentech and Roche. “We are proud to partner with ACS to help dismantle barriers preventing underrepresented students from pursuing careers in science and medicine."
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