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November 21, 2019
In this issue, Solvay’s CTO, Nicolas Cudré-Mauroux, shares some terrific advice for early career chemists working in industry, or for those still thinking about whether to pursue employment opportunities in industry. I’ll let Nicolas speak for himself, but you’ll see that he values chemists whose interests and knowledge extend beyond the fundamental mechanisms of chemistry. To see which areas he is focused on, be sure to read his Boss Talk below.

This issue features more, of course: Learn how to leverage your Ph.D. to maximize your career opportunities, how to be a better listener, and for those of you who are entrepreneur-oriented, enjoy the profile of Karen Calvinho, the CTO for RenewCO2.
She’ll tell you the biggest challenge she encountered as she moved from academia to entrepreneur.

Finally, in order to spend time with friends and family, ACS Industry Matters won’t publish on Thanksgiving, November 28. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. See you again on Thursday, December 5.
John C. Katz
Executive Editor
"Among the scientists at Solvay, what non-technical skills do you most highly value?"
Nicolas Cudré-Mauroux
CTO, Solvay
"Our mission is to create value by developing solutions for our customers. The technical competencies of our scientists are absolutely amazing. Focusing these competencies on the right projects requires..." Read More
Sense of purpose converts Ph.D. candidate to entrepreneur
Karin Calvinho is a Ph.D. Candidate at Rutgers University with five years of experience in heterogeneous electrocatalysts for energy conversion and storage. She has been working on...Read More
Karin Calvinho
Chief Technology Officer, RenewCO2
"A Ph.D. is usually seen as an advantage for an industry position, but sometimes recruiters see it as an over-qualification. In the instances where having a Ph.D. seems detrimental, how can I prove that it actually makes me more marketable?"
Paul Lobben
Scientist, Thermo Scientific
"You can prove it by effectively communicating your soft skills not just your hard, technical skills. Constant change is a near certainty in the global marketplace. Individuals that continue to develop their soft skills will..." Read More
What you most need to know from an industry-connected LinkedIn Learning Course. Today's course: Effective Listening
Many people who wish to be effective communicators agonize over their public speaking or writing skills. According to Indiana University professors Tatiana Kolovou and Brenda Bailey-Hughes, truly gifted communicators excel at listening. However, relatively few working professionals... Read More
“Innovation in manufacturing gravitates to where the factories are. American manufacturers have learned that the applied research and engineering necessary to introduce new products, enhance existing designs and improve production processes are best done near the factories themselves. As more engineering and design work has shifted to China, many U.S. companies have a diminished capability to perform those tasks here [in the U.S.].”
- Sridhar Kota and Tom Mahoney, Wall Street Journal, 11.15.19
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