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December 5, 2019
In this week’s issue, the 2020 ACS President-Elect, H. N. Cheng, talks about what drives him to work 70 hour weeks, the pros and cons of employment in industry vs government, and what chemistry students can do to optimize their chances for success in industry. Our safety expert Ken Fivizzani discusses strategies to keep yourself safe while working alone in a lab. 

Read the piece about the early career chemist, Fabio Broccatelli, who shares what he loves to do most while working at Genentech. 

Moved to a job that you’re not thrilled about? Our career consultants advise you on how to turn things to your advantage. Additionally, learn a few tips to better manage your time by reading the article “Proven Tips for Managing Your Time”.

Lots of interesting and practical content. We hope you enjoy it.
John C. Katz
Executive Editor
"You worked 30 years at Hercules Incorporated (now Ashland, Inc.), and then joined the USDA. What were the biggest adjustments for you?"
H. N. Cheng
Research Chemist, USDA Southern Regional Research Center
"I have enjoyed my jobs at Hercules and at USDA. Both have been interesting and rewarding. To me, the transition has been..." Read More
Working Alone
Ken Fivizzani
Safety Expert
"Many industrial organizations with research laboratories restrict or prohibit lab employees from working alone outside of normal business hours. The OSHA Lab Standard (29 CFR 1910.1450) states..." Read More
"What do I do when I am moved to a job I don't want because it's seen as a 'development opportunity'?"
Natalie LaFranzo, Vice President, Market Development, Cofactor Genomics:
"There are two options in this scenario - the first is to find the silver lining and learn what you can from the opportunity. Embrace the ..."
Andrea Alexander, Technical Service and Development Manager, Shin-Etsu Silicones of America, Inc.:
"I chuckle at this question because I was definitely put in several situations such as this…and sadly, lost out on valuable growth opportunities at the time. It is IMPERATIVE that you ..."
Norton Peet, ACS Career Consultant:
"Do your best to good-naturedly move through this assignment..."
"Renaissance researcher applies artificial intelligence to predict the fate of drugs in the body"
Fabio Broccatelli spent most of his life in a small Italian town “where I know everybody, and everybody knows me.” In high school, he was partial to history and philosophy, gravitating to chemistry only as a tool for... Read More
Fabio Broccatelli
Scientist, Computational Chemistry
What you most need to know from an industry-connected LinkedIn Learning Course. Today's course: Proven Tips for Managing Your Time
When you’re at work, every second counts, but sometimes it feels like we’re not getting anything done, even if we are doing something at every second of the workday. In “Proven Tips for Managing Your Time,” professional speaker, writer and coach Todd Dewett gives viewers tips to... Read More
- Marcus Remmers, DSM, on what it means to be a global citizen
- Harry Elston on the most rewarding thing about being an entrepreneur
- Sid White on the Chemical Angel Network
Nominate for ACS Heroes of Chemistry 2020!
Nominations for the ACS Heroes of Chemistry Awards are now open! The Heroes of Chemistry Award is one of the highest honors the ACS gives to industrial chemists, recognizing teams whose work and research led to the development of successfully commercialized products greatly benefiting humankind. Read More
ProEd: Safety First
From regulations to the safe storing of chemicals, lab safety is a complex, critical component of your job. Attend upcoming ACS’s upcoming Laboratory Safety & Health course to ensure that your knowledge is up to date to keep your laboratory running safely and efficiently. Join us on January 23-24, 2020, in Atlanta, GA... Register today!