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March 26, 2020
In celebration of Women’s History Month, we are pleased to bring you a special issue with our top Industry Matters interviews featuring women from the past year.

Read on for advice and perspectives from some of the leading women in the chemical industry, including insights to tackle complex leadership questions, identify creative solutions for global challenges, champion a diverse and inclusive work culture, and best articulate your value to employers.

And, we want to hear from you! Tell us about the women leaders who have helped you grow in your career using the hashtags #ACSIndustryMatters and #WomensHistoryMonth on social media. 
ACS Industry Matters Team
Kathy Shelton, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, FMC Corporation
How to advance your career and the state of women in the chemical industry... Read More
The macro trends affecting the future of the chemical industry... Read More
Sarah Eckersley, Global R&D Director, Dow Chemical Company
The story behind how Dow solved a decades-long problem, making house paints greener and more efficient... Read More
The obstacles impeding greater advancement for women chemists in industry...Read More
Alexa Dembek, Chief Technology and Sustainability Officer, DuPont
Leading change, fostering innovation and more... Read More
How Genentech does well by its female employees and more... Read More
Advancing your career, the state of women in the chemical industry and more... Read More
Do you think about the work that goes into designing your medicine? Pfizer's Charlotte Allerton does, and she'll tell you all about it... Read More
Bree Taylor checks that all the chemicals in a product--whether it's food or furniture--comply with regulations... Read More
How one early-career chemist's creativity and resourcefulness help her test product claims... Read More
The development of anticorrosion coatings for new magnesium alloys and more... Read More
Guided by guest editor Jennifer Doudna of CRISPR fame, we selected and profiled the amazing women on this list. They’re scientists at the top of their game. They’re role models building and mentoring teams. See List