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May 21, 2020
I don’t often encounter the concept of gratitude in connection with COVID-19, but Dow’s Mark Jones is the exception to that rule. Oxy’s Michael Nuwer shares some insights on his transition from academia to industry, and from Buffalo to New Orleans.

In this week’s safety article, Frankie Wood-Black asks “What if?” She wants to know if you are making the appropriate contingency plans.

Feeling overqualified for some tasks at work? Our Career Consultants advise on how to skillfully address that with your manager. Finally, everybody’s favorite topic: Performance Management Reviews – what organizations can do to make them more effective, and more palatable.
John C. Katz
Executive Editor
Gratitude for Chemistry
I just encountered “three gratitudes” for the first time. Proponents of the three gratitudes exercise say it is effective at reducing stress during... Read More
Mark E. Jones,  Executive External Strategy and Communications Fellow, The Dow Chemical Company
Mark E. Jones
Executive External Strategy and Communications Fellow, The Dow Chemical Company
"How has the COVID-19 pandemic altered the way you execute your primary responsibilities in your role as a Training and Quality Steward?"
Michael J. Nuwer, Quality and Training Steward,  Occidetal Chemistry Corporation
Michael J. Nuwer
Quality and Training Steward,
Occidetal Chemistry Corporation
"A key part of our quality system is internal audits performed by peers at..." Read More
"I feel overqualified for several of the tasks related to my job.  How can I ask for more challenging work without appearing entitled?"
Marciano Bagnoli, Quality Manager, Georgia-Pacific, LLC:
"First, be sure that you are completing all of the work you are given - up to - or beyond expectations."
Moji Bonakdar, Senior Director, Chemical Medicines, USP:
"Request a meeting with your manager: Explain why the company and your current job matches your lifestyle and priorities."
Rich Uriarte, ACS Career Consultant:
"In professional and college sports you often hear the cliché that 'you need to get better every day.' The same is true for industrial positions.."
Heinz Plaumann, CEO and Co-Founder, Quantum Qik Careers:
"You must have a VERY clear understanding of the role and what is expected – this may require a discussion with Leadership clarifying and confirming expectations."
Personal Emergency Plans
What if?  It is a big question.  It could mean anything from “what if” your normal route to work is closed due to an accident to “what if” your current location is quarantined due to... Read More
Frankie Wood-Black, Safety Expert
Frankie Wood-Black
Safety Expert
What you most need to know from an industry-connected LinkedIn Learning Course. Today's course: Improving Employee Performance
As employee roles have become more complex over the years, so have the roles of...Read More
“It is possible -- assuming a best-case scenario and there are many risks that could derail us, obviously -- but we could potentially be in a position to file to the FDA toward the end of the year or early next year,”
- Stéphane Bancel, CEO, Moderna.  Source:  Fox Business’s “Mornings with Maria,” Wednesday, May 20, 2020
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